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Vehicle Tracking (VTU010)

Easy to fit, easy to use tracking devices with detailed reports and street level mapping.

  • communicate through broadband Internet
  • no monthly charges
  • set your own recording frequency
  • even works with pay as you go Sim cards
  • can be hidden in the vehicle with no external antennas
  • alarms and geofences
Buy £ 249.99

Vehicle Tracking (VTU010) including SIM and data for 3 years

This unique offer gives you the opportunity to buy a VTU010 tracker and not worry about mobile data costs for 3 years. Includes data SIM.

That is equivalent to £9.66 + VAT per month.


Buy £ 499.99

Bluetooth adaptor for VTU008

This bluetooth adaptor is ideal if you want to use GPS data from the VTU008 in conjunction with PDA Navigation systems Buy £ 30.00

Vodafone PAYT Sim

Data activated Vodafone Pay as You Talk Sim card for VTU008. This SIM supports both GSM data and GPRS Buy £ 11.75

Orange Pay as You Go Sim

Pay as You Go Sim suitable for GPRS tracking (does not come GSM data activated). Buy £ 11.75

Communication through GSM Data and GPRS

The VTU008 can communicate remotely using GSM Data calls or GPRS. Here is a brief explanation of the differences between them.

Common Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions that we get asked.

External Active GPS Antenna for VTU9

A powerful external GPS antenna that enables you to get signal further away from the unit (e.g. in cars with athermic heat-reflecting windscreens and built-in windscreen heaters). Buy £ 20.00