Vehicle Tracking (VTU010)

Vehicle Tracking done right

Directions provides a powerful, easy to use and cost effective way to drive down the running costs of your vehicle fleet

Access your vehicle through broadband and track it live on a streel level map. You can also download a history of all journeys undertaken within the last 6 months.

  • Control your fleet
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Low monthly costs

  • Live Tracking

  • automated updates every minute/hour/day/week or on demand
  • providing precise location of the vehicle, any time, anywhere
  • downloads vehicle data automatically

  • Vehicle history

  • actual report with complete profile of where the vehicle has been
  • allows tracking of many vehicles at one time

  • Geofencing

  • set your own operation zones
  • SMS alert report if overrun set borders

  • Input/Output

  • possible to connect with other appliances such as alarm etc.

  • Specification:

    • small footprint
    • comes with cigarette lighter adapter
    • GSM / GPRS / GPS Automatic Vehicle Locating System (AVLS)
    • Assisted GPS U-blox 5
    • Built-in quad band GSM antenna
    • 3D accelerometer
    • Large capacity flash memory, continuous records for 120,000 positions
    • Geofencing
    • Alarm - external power off, no data from GPS, I/O - Low power consumption
    • Intelligent power management
    • Internal battery: 1800 mAh for at least 14 hours running without external power
    • 2 x protected digital inputs
    • 2 way TTL serial data communication
    • USB connection
    • Settings by SMS, GPRS and USB
    • Upgradable firmware by GPRS or USB cable
    • 2 programmable buttons
    • 1 configurable output


    • See where vehicles have been even when you weren't tracking them
    • The VTU010 has enough on-board memory to store up to 20,000 positions. That is more than 3 months of typical use.


    • Create reports on mileages, speeds and driving times
    • Summary reports of the length and time of each journey
    • Detailed reports of each street that the vehicle travelled on (including maximum speed)
    • Add your own user objects to reports (home, office, customers, etc.)
    • Export reports to Excell


    • Detailed itinerary of your route
    • Accurate mileages
    • Calculate fuel costs

    Manage vehicles

    • Display information on screen (date, time, heading, speed, altitude etc.)
    • Create vehicle groups which you can locate and schedule at the same time


    • Add geofences from the map
    • SMS alert report if overrun geofence borders (in and out)
    • "Alarm" geofence can be set using your mobile phone

    System Requirements

      Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

    • 2.5 GB of free hard disc space required for complete installation

    • PDA with Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 or later

    • touchscreen
    • Memory card (2.2 GB for complete installation
    • countries/regions can be installed individually or in groups


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    Vehicle Tracking (VTU010)

    Vehicle Tracking (VTU010)
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