Update 4.4.40 for Windows

Full change log:

patch; date: 2006-06-19; version: 4_4_40-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_40_1_win;

  • vt - geofence on western hemisphere fixed
  • vt - spz2005 report default ".xml" file name suffix added
  • vt - settings "hide journeys less than" fixed
  • vt - month fixed in "Positions from the unit are not valid" message
  • vt - sending settings to unit with phone numbers shorter than expected fixed
  • vt - downloaded data with invalid date ignored
  • carpc - postcodes - fixed bad layout on 640x480
  • sprite exception supressed

patch; date: 2006-03-27; version: 4_4_37-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_37_1_win;

  • vehicles history - daylightsaving time issue fixed

patch; date: 2006-03-21; version: 4_4_36-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_36_1_win;

  • fixed slovakia_ta2hungary_ta.mtf data file

patch; date: 2006-03-03; version: 4_4_35-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_35_1_win;

  • importing from area-based postcodes allowed

patch; date: 2006-02-24; version: 4_4_34-2; tag: PATCH_4_4_34_2_win;

  • no settings from VTU on TCP/IP server message added
  • navigation nearby manoeuvres joining fixed
  • concurrent downloading history and tracking the same vehicle fixed
  • saving invalid data from TVU unit fixed

patch; date: 2006-02-22; version: 4_4_33-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_33_1_win

  • input report crash fixed

patch; date: 2006-02-16; version: 4_4_32-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_32_1_win

  • input report ignores minimal time and length journeys settings, i.e. works with all of the data
  • minimal time and length journeys settings also apply to reports now
  • importing columns with bizarre names from XLS and MDB allowed (but not recommended)

patch; date: 2006-02-03; version: 4_4_31-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_31_1_win

  • reporterMPFC fixed multiple vehicles input report, again (ignore journeys shorter bug)

patch; date: 2006-01-30; version: 4_4_30-5; tag: MAGGIE_PATCH_4_4_30_5_linux

  • searching with unexpected characters fixed (eg: Bagnoles-de-l'Ore)
  • default server ip for sending gprs data from VT unit to gprs server set to
  • default wake up sensitivity level set to 10
  • roaming turned off by default for new vehicles

patch; date: 2006-01-23; version: 4_4_29-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_29_1_win

  • reporterMPFC fixed multiple vehicles input report

patch; date: 2006-01-07; version: 4_4_27-2; tag: PATCH_4_4_27_2_win

  • single positions journeys - the position information added in history tab
  • showing vehicle track on map with single positions journeys fixed

patch; date: 2005-12-22; version: 4_4_26-3; tag: PATCH_4_4_26_3_win

  • crash when using turkish regional settings fixed
  • vehicles settings and vehicles history data folder fixed

patch; date: 2005-12-19; version: 4_4_25-5; tag: PATCH_4_4_25_5_win;

  • fixed idc template

patch; date: 2005-12-16; version: 4_4_25-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_25_1_win;

  • crash when closing application and an action is being scheduled at the time fixed
  • vehicles settings and vehicles history data folder prepared changed
  • disconnecting modem and cabel connection fixed
  • vehicle position icon label transparency settings added
  • font size in gps and vehicle position text bubbles smaller
  • closing navigator while history is being downloaded fixed

patch; date: 2005-12-05; version: 4_4_24-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_24_1_win

  • vt current actions list count limited to 100
  • vt communication terminal messages count limited to 100

patch; date: 2005-12-01; version: 4_4_23-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_23_1_win

  • occasional crash when running long time and using scheduler fixed
  • deleting scheduled tasks when scheduler is running fixed

patch; date: 2005-11-25; version: 4_4_22-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_22_1_win

  • occasional crash when tracking multiple vehicles at once fixed

patch; date: 2005-11-24; version: 4_4_21-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_21_1_win

  • carpc: fixed widescreen res problem

patch; date: 2005-11-22; version: 4_4_20-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_20_1_win

  • failing to recompute route when lost during navigation fixed
  • tcpserver only in professional version (ocx bit)
  • fixed tcpserver in linux version

patch; date: 2005-11-07; version: 4_4_19-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_19_1_win

  • disconnecting multiple vehicles without gps signal fixed

patch; date: 2005-11-03; version: 4_4_18-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_18_1_win

  • reports for days when daylight saving time changes fixed
  • tracking/locating vehicle - when vehicle position is invalid the disconnect question timeouts

patch; date: 2005-10-31; version: 4_4_17-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_17_1_win

  • Marshall reports - vehicle manager field fixed

patch; date: 2005-10-21; version: 4_4_16-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_16_1_win

  • reporterMPFC: inputs report - added ignore journeys shorter then option
  • all reports - fixed GMT offset error

patch; date: 2005-10-17; version: 4_4_15-2; tag: PATCH_4_4_15_2_win

  • occasional TCP/IP communication fauilure fixed (for example when when nod32 antivir is installed)

patch; date: 2005-10-14; version: 4_4_15-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_15_1_win

  • text reports - write header option added
  • replaying gps file slider position fixed

patch; date: 2005-10-07; version: 4_4_14-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_14_1_win

- Finnish localisation

patch; date: 2005-10-04; version: 4_4_13-2; tag: PATCH_4_4_13_2_win;

- private journeys hidden in mpfc reports fixed

patch; date: 2005-09-29; version: 4_4_12-3; tag: PATCH_4_4_12_3_win;

- actions names translation in current vehicles actions translation fixed

install; date: 2005-09-28; version: 4_4_12-2; tag:MAGGIE_INSTALL_4_4_12_2_win;

- fixed 'center of settlement' names in finland (swedish names, TA bug) - data fix

patch; date: 2005-09-27; version: 4_4_12-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_12_1_win;

- VT journeys positions describing by near user objects not just streets
- added worldtrak.co.uk link to install and about dialog

patch; date: 2005-09-23; version: 4_4_11-3; tag: PATCH_4_4_11_2_win;

- reporterMPFC:
- zero length journeys reporting fixed
- reporting private journeys fixed
- driver summary fixed
- closing application when an user object is highlighted crash fixed
- reporting private journeys fixed

patch; date: 2005-09-23; version: 4_4_11-2; tag: PATCH_4_4_11_2_win;

- fixed search in user polygon
- fixed search (admin areas)

patch; date: 2005-09-21; version: 4_4_10-2; tag: PATCH_4_4_10_2_win;

- fixed translation of "day(s)" in reports
- starting with last saved settings fixed
- old default reports renamed

patch; date: 2005-09-20; version: 4_4_9-2; tag: PATCH_4_4_9_2_win;

- possible showing track on map crash fixed
- mpfc report - inputs widgets expandable so that translated texts fits into them
- maxcategoryresults changed (30->300) in default_settings.sfs

patch; date: 2005-09-15; version: 4_4_8-7; tag: PATCH_4_4_8_7_win;

- reporterMPFC - fixed printing
- report names translations fixed
- VT reports - town name added to street name
- marshall report - reporting only journeys with input 2 on fixed
- adding scheduled vehicle actions crash fixed
- downloading history from gprs server for multiple vehicles is sequential now
- replaying vhl data maximum time delay fixed
- showing private journeys on map fixed
- export fixed

patch; date: 2005-09-13; version: 4_4_8-2; tag: PATCH_4_4_8_2_win;

- export exception hopefully fixed

patch; date: 2005-09-09; version: 4_4_7-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_7_1_win;

- using settings from 4.3 version rather than default settings when 4.4 settings do not exist yet
- marshall report - journeys with input 2 off excluded
- reporterMpfc: fixed pauses counting

patch; date: 2005-09-05; version: 4_4_6-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_6_1_win;

- reporterMpfc: added preview and print options

patch; date: 2005-09-05; version: 4_4_5-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_5_1_win;

- vehicle actions table size fixed
- added *.rpt reports to patch (replace old versions, only if exists in install directory)

patch; date: 2005-09-01; version: 4_4_4-1; tag: PATCH_4_4_4_1_win;

- faster reports
- added 'Navigator.exe -default' to start menu in patch
- downloading history from given date and time implemented
- application startup with default settings after crash implemented
- vehicle history - hiding too short journeys implemented
- sending "time to wait for valid gps data" unit settings fixed
- vehicle unit settings password protection implemented
- reporterMpfc: added load/save option

patch; date: 2005-08-11; version: 4_3_25-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_25_1_win

* FND - fixed problem with searching along route

patch; date: 2005-08-09; version: 4_3_24-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_24_1_win

* SCOUT - fixed problem with invalid GPS data

patch; date: 2005-07-01; version: 4_3_23-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_23_1_win

* VT - scheduled tasks on application startup fixed

patch; date: 2005-06-13; version: 4_3_22-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_22_1_win

* scheduler fixed
* CarPC navigating to home point crash fixed
* CarPC fixed problems with 16:9 resolutions
* CarPC fixed black stripes on first page for resolutions bigger then 1024x768

patch; date: 2005-06-09; version: 4_3_21-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_21_1_win
* CarPC fixed error while navigating to pushpin
* VT - save vehicles button added
* the feature_postcode_stt license right was changed to the feature_adminarea right in a european postcode search.
* tracking submenu translating fixed

patch; date: 2005-06-02; version: 4_3_20-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_20_1_win

* VT - automatic modem disconnecting fixed
* VT - automatic redial when connecting by modem fails fixed
* navigating to homepoint fixed
* stop navigation button enlarged
* VT - editing multiple vehicles scheduled tasks at once enabled

patch; date: 2005-05-18; version: 4_3_19-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_19_1_win

* automatic centering on gps position fixed
* show/hide menu added to dock windows floating menu
* automatic gps disconnecting settings fixed
* VT - deleting vehicles group when a vehicle from the group is selected fixed
* routing - optimizing waypoints from/to homepoint fixed
* VT - journey start/stop position describing improved

patch; date: 2005-05-12; version: 4_3_18-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_18_1_win

* VT - large vehicle history files (more than 10000 positions a day) handling fixed
* showing progress while generating SPZ2005 report fixed

patch; date: 2005-05-09; version: 4_3_17-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_17_1_win

* car pc - setting new destination while navigating fixed
* detailed report fixed
* invalid position time message fixed when tracking or locating vehicle
* warning message added when trying to connect to a vehicle and another is connected at the same time

patch; date: 2005-05-04; version: 4_3_16-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_16_1_win

* VT detailed report added

patch; date: 2005-05-02; version: 4_3_15-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_15_1_win

* VT modem communication occasional failure fixed
* VT journeys average speed computing fixed

patch; date: 2005-04-28; version: 4_3_14-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_14_1_win;

* disconnect question when locating or tracking vehicle without gps signal fixed

patch; date: 2005-04-27; version: 4_3_13-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_13_1_win

* failed to run application on win95 fixed
* describing journeys fixed (only street and/or town name now)

patch; date: 2005-04-25; version: 4_3_11-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_11_1_win

* altitude value reading from mpfc hardware implemented; also added as new column to vehicle history window
* 22.04.05 Navigating in CarPC mode - added minimize button
* DB search in small polygons is faster when more maps are open
* cancellation-related crash in polygonal DB search hopefully fixed
* user object search crash (4.3.10 only) fixed

patch; date: 2005-04-22; version: 4_3_10-1; tag: PATCH_4_3_10_1_win

* CarPc: fixed bug with user object selected as destination
* CarPC: in some situations was cpc interface displayed two times
* Scout: fixed bug with no objects in search area
* routing itinerary printing page headers fixed
* deleting vehicle crash fixed
* vehicle location describing improved
* automatic disconnecting gps settings implemented
* crash when trying to edit toolbars without VT license fixed
* small u with ring fixed for czech search indices (data fix)
* doubleclick on vehicle history row shows position on map now
* failing COM port communication on some computers fixed
* showing inputs value in vehicle bubble enabled

install; date: 2005-04-15; version: 4_3_9-1; tag: MAGGIE_INSTALL_4_3_9_1_win
added: ocx 4.3.7-1-->

* minor fix in installer (delete fix data in uninstall)
* CarPC: increased color contrast and size of fonts in all resolutions

patch; date: 2005-04-12; version: 4_3_8-2; tag: PATCH_4_3_8_2_win

* editing vehicle properties while communicating with the vehicle crash fixed

install; date: 2005-04-08; version: 4_3_7-2; tag: MAGGIE_INSTALL_4_3_7_2_win

* saving data from VTU unit to history files on Windows 95/98/ME fixed

install; date: 2005-04-08; version: 4_3_7-1; tag: MAGGIE_INSTALL_4_3_7_1_win
added: navigatorce 4.3.3-1 (app and localisation), ocx 4.3.6-1 (with routeDistance)-->

* saving data from VTU unit to history files on Windows 95/98/ME fixed - not fixed!!!
* CarPC: flickerfree start on win32
* CarPC: all of the street categories are now visible as Roads and streets

install; date: 2005-04-06; version: 4_3_6-1; tag: MAGGIE_INSTALL_4_3_6_1_win

* reported vehicle journeys separation time fixed
* unintended destroying gps subsystem when closing map fixed
* street name mismatch during PDA export fixed (hope)

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