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Update 4.4.40 for Windows

Latest changes:

  • vt - geofence on western hemisphere fixed
  • vt - spz2005 report default ".xml" file name suffix added
  • vt - settings "hide journeys less than" fixed
  • vt - month fixed in "Positions from the unit are not valid" message
  • vt - sending settings to unit with phone numbers shorter than expected fixed
  • vt - downloaded data with invalid date ignored
  • carpc - postcodes - fixed bad layout on 640x480
  • sprite exception supressed

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Update 4.4.30 for Linux

Latest changes

  • searching with unexpected characters fixed (eg: Bagnoles-de-l'Ore)
  • default server ip for sending gprs data from VT unit to gprs server set to
  • default wake up sensitivity level set to 10
  • roaming turned off by default for new vehicles

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