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USB Stick GPS RDS/TMC Reciever with BlueTooth

GPS-RDS/TMC Receiver with BlueTooth technology and a highly sensitive 32-channel GPS chip. Connect using BlueTooth or USB. BlueTooth enables wireless communication with Pocket PCs, PDA phones, smart phones, tablet PCs or notebooks. Buy £ 69.99
mpfc-26 usb gps

MapFactor MPFC-26 GPS USB receiver

The MapFactor MPFC-26 available from Directions is a low cost completely self contained GPS Receiver, active antenna, power supply and USB communications package all housed in a neat plastic unit.
Buy £ 59.99

SiRF Star III Bluetooth Receiver - BT-338

New SiRF Star III GPS with integrated bluetooth. Compact and sophisticated design. As the GPS receiver acquires positions from satellite signals, the Bluetooth interface transmits the GPS data to the mobile device. It is a perfect tool for use with Navigator without the need for any wires.
Buy £ 69.99