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How it works


  • small black box that fits into a vehicle (no external antennas just a simple black box that is easy to install)
  • the box gets its position from GPS (exactly the same way as any SatNav)
  • positions are then sent through the mobile phone network (a bit like accessing the Internet on your mobile phone)
  • you download these positions though your broadband Internet connection and displays it on a street level map of UK

Its as simple as that really. The cost of the mapping software and mobile phone costs are all included in the rental price so there are no additional charges or bills. 
No leases just monthly or quarterly rolling contracts
Simple rental agreement with no small print!!
There is no long term commitment as the customer does not need to sign up to extortionately long leases.


  • No extra roaming costs
  • Mapping of all European countries
  • Works across Europe
(£28.80 inc. VAT)

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