Rent vehicle tracking

Take control of your vehicle fleet with no hidden charges, longterm, unfavourable contracts or extra data costs.

Every month you will pay just £24. If you prepay for a year, we will give you a free Actis3 SatNav with maps maps of Great Britain and Ireland.

The minimum initial rental period is 3 months. If you decide not to continue after that date, all you have to do is to return it to us. There will be no penalty or complicated contract cancellation. Of course, we are confident that you will keep the system once you see the considerable benefits and cost savings.

Fitting a vtu4rent unit is very simple, you can just plug it into the cigarette lighter in the vehicle. Alternatively, you can install the unit covertly.

MapExplorer, street level mapping software for Europe, is included to track your vehicles and control your fleet. As well as real time monitoring the program offers a large selection of detailed reports.

The vtu4rent system supports remote communication from HQ to the driver when combined with an Actis 7 SatNav.

In the Credit Crunch it is more important than ever to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase your competitive edge.

Vtu4rent helps you to better organise your fleet so that your workforce is where you need it on time.

** all prices excluding VAT

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