USB Stick GPS RDS/TMC Reciever with BlueTooth

This high-quality Bluetooth GPS RDS receiver combines GPS positioning with the free, worldwide standardised real-time data from TMC (traffic message channel) transmissions. You have the flexibility to operate it in cars, mobile homes or on motorcycles. The Bluetooth interface offers wireless communication with pocket PCs, PDA phones, smart phones, tablet PCs, netbooks and notebooks equipped with Bluetooth.

If your navigation software supports the free TMC-based traffic messaging, new routes which avoid traffic congestion can be automatically calculated in real time.

  • 32-channel high sensitivity GPS chip MTK 3318
  • Very compact construction, 61x27x9mm (LxWxD)
  • FM synthesiser RDS/TMC receiver
  • GNS 3.0 and NMEA protocol, 38,400 baud
  • Data transfer via USB or Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile)
  • Power supply via USB; no battery.
Functions with the latest versions of: Navigon, i-GO, ALK Copilot, Falk Interactive, Route66, MapFactor, Sygic, Navilock Navigator, Destinator, and many more.


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USB Stick GPS RDS/TMC Reciever with BlueTooth

USB Stick GPS RDS/TMC Reciever with BlueTooth
Price £ 69.99