Modifying Settings XML in Navigator 10

Guide for changes in Navigator 10.1 over default_settings.xml

Most of the changes could be done by editing default_settings.xml file.

When first initializing Navigator, system creates a copy of default_settings.xml file into settings.xml where are all user settings stored.

Of course, you can modify defeault_settings.xml file instead, but don´t forget to delete settings.xml, or else the changes you have made will not be used.

Setting up GPS port

Edit parameters of a port and speed in section:









Hide icons from Navigator menu

In MENU replace “yes” to “no” by concerned icon




Adding an icon to map

in section




<action>Minimize</action> ... action (same as key binding)

<icoFileName>c:\test.png</icoFileName> ... icon file path.

<position>50,150</position> ... screen position (fixed, same for landscape and portrait)



User defined button size is the same as of +/- buttons, depends on resolution. Icon picture is shrinked when needed.

Change of prefix or suffix in remote communication

Edit in section:




Here you can set up your own symbol or chain, whereby will start or end message sent from Navigator in remote communication (TCP/IP)




Every new message will start with $ and end with a new line (CRLF).